Growing Hollyhocks

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Hollyhock plants can grow to be several feet high and they multiply aggressively, so keeping them pruned is key to maintaining them. Plant hollyhocks in full, hot sunshine with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going tot talk about how to grow or growing Hollyhocks. Now Hollyhocks are really a beautiful flower in your garden and they multiply and multiply and multiply. So they're one of those flowers that's great if you keep it under control. But if you have a large piece of property or a large flower bed and you don't keep up with your garden as well, it can take over. So when you grow Hollyhocks, always use caution because they're a beautiful plant but they bring their cousins the next year. So you got to kind of be careful with them. Now Hollyhocks can be started by seed; these are just little seed pods and you can just sprinkle them back down like as if nature would in the fall or save them and plant them in the spring and they'll just start new plants or they'll just start new shoots off of the mother plants and they need full hot sun and good drainage. That's the key. They're kind of a wildflower, they need lots of abuse. They want water; but they want sandy, good composted, good drainage type of soil and they need heat. They won't do well in the shade. They'll get real spindly. And so you never want to give them too much shade or too much water even 'cause they can rot too. Now I've had Hollyhocks get ten feet tall before. They're just gorgeous with great big, hibiscus, red, pink, purple types of flowers all over them. And they can fall over when they get that tall if they're not getting enough sun. So sometimes you got to stick them up or sometimes you can put them against the fence, that works really well or I've just let them grow right with roses and other flowers that can keep them so that they stay horizontal. But they're easy plant to grow as long as you keep them in control; give them lots of water and room to grow.


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