How to Create Your Own Print-Out Coupons

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To make print-out coupons on the computer, divide a standard size document into six squares, and copy and paste the final design into each square. Print off custom-made coupons with advice from a professional graphic designer in this free video on digital design.

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Video Transcript

I'm Alexis Neubert of Alexis Design and I'm going to show you how to create print out coupons. Now in order to create coupons that you can just print on your own printer and cut out easily, you want to figure out a nice size that you can fit multiple to a sheet. The good size I like to do for coupons is six to a sheet. If you wanted to do a larger size you could do three to a portrait size. But you can see here that I've created this document using Adobe in design. I recommend any basic layout program that can incorporate images, graphics and texts and also just allow you the freedom of using guides to see how your document is setup so that you can get everything on the page evenly. I'm using a standard 8 1/2 X 11 document size and I've put guides at the center at 5 1/2 and then two guides at each third on the horizontally axis. So that would be a 2.83 and then at 5.66 and this is going to give me six even section on my page so that when I print it out I have six coupons and I can just cut down the center and then twice horizontally and have my coupons. You can see here I have a basic coupon design, the dotted line, my company logo, a basic offer that's nice and clear and any smaller information that's needed, disclaimers, contact address information. Now the way I want about creating this; move it off to the side here; I started with my rectangle tool from my tool palette and made a nice rectangle, not all the way to the edge of my guide because I don't want anything to be cut off when I'm printing. Selected a stroke, I use four points for this example. You can adjust your stroke up here on it's half palette or in your stroke palette over on the right. InDesign has a lot of great dash blind options that are very useful for coupons so we'll make our dash blind. We'll drag on the company logo; if I can just be dragged and dropped any image or maybe you just want to type up your business name; but usually your business name and the offer on the coupon should be the most prominent items. So we create out text boxes by using; excuse me; the type tool over here. Just drag out an appropriate size box; start typing and select your text and adjust the font and the size up here with the type palette. Underneath I've made a smaller text box that has just an expiration information for the coupon, a small disclaimer, not valid with any offers and then maybe under that I would add another text box that then had my address, phone number, email, any additional information I want to have on the coupon in case people have any questions. So as you can see it's pretty simple to create a coupon that you can print out yourself. When you're ready to print; when you have your coupon finished you can select the whole thing; copy, paste it and repeat that across the page until you have all six coupons and then you can print and cut. And that's how to make and print your own coupon.


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