How to Wrap a Leg in an Ace Bandage

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When wrapping a leg in an Ace bandage, use an overlapping technique for added support and check the victim's toes for warmth to make sure it is not wrapped too tightly. Support a leg injury using an Ace bandage with help from a certified health and safety instructor in this free video on treating injuries.

Part of the Video Series: Wrapping & Taping Injuries
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Sunshine with Sunshine Safety. I am located here in Snellville, Georgia. I have been involved in the health and safety business for approximately 15 years. I started out as a lifeguard and eventually became an instructor. Today we're going to learn how to wrap a leg with an Ace bandage. We are going to show the example using a calf muscle. You are going to have the victim place their leg in a comfortable position so that we don't cause any further injury or pain. We are going to place the Ace bandage on. You do want to use overlapping marks for the Ace bandage just to hold it in place. Once you have reached the end secure it. You do want to check for circulation so you're going to look at your victim's feet, feel for warmth, look for coloring and ask your victim to wiggle their toes. We use Ace bandages for multiple reasons. For this particular reason we are wrapping a large body part. Since it is a larger part I have decided to use a thicker Ace bandage. You do have skinnier Ace bandages which is what I would recommend for wrists or hands or even feet. This particular Ace bandage also has a sticky end so that it adheres directly to the Ace bandage. You can use this type of Ace bandage for your calf, your quad, your shoulder, your abdomen or your chest. Some reasons why you might need to use this type of bandage for a large muscle group is if you do strain a muscle or pull a muscle probably during exercise.


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