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Changing and draining the power steering fluid of an automobile is as important as getting an oil change and can be done by the car owner. Remove the cap of the power steering reservoir and suck fluid out with advice from an automotive technician in this free video on draining power steering fluid.

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Most people are familiar with the oil changes as periodic maintenance but there is other fluids in the car that need to be changed as well, antifreeze, transmission fluids and power steering fluid are other fluids that need to be changed. We are going to take a look at how changing out the power steering fluid is gone about. Here we can see a couple components of the power steering system. We have down here the power steering pump and we have the power steering reservoir. The fluid returning to the reservoir comes through this hose and then returning from the reservoir to the pump it comes through this hose here. So in order to drain this we could do it by removing one of these hoses from the reservoir but that has a tendency to be kind of messy so instead what we're going to use is a power evacuator. So we are going to start by removing the cap of the power steering reservoir, set that aside, and we'll actually take the hose from the evacuator and stick it down into the reservoir and this one operates off of compressed air and so we'll apply that and when we do we should see it begin to suck fluid out. Okay all that fluid is gone and really now all that remains is to refill the system.


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