How to Make an Airsoft Gun Accurate

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Making an Airsoft gun more accurate requires upgrading the inner barrel to the appropriate size for the ammunition. Choose the right inner barrel for a more accurate shot with help from a professional Airsoft technician in this free video on BB guns.

Part of the Video Series: Airsoft Gun Maintenance & Repair
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Chad Boone, I'm with Mantis Airsoft located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I've been involved in airsoft for two and a half years as a player. I'm an airsoft tech, which means I work on guns, upgrade guns, fix guns. I've been doing that for about two years professionally. I also design operations, and run those around the southeastern area. I want to talk to you about how to make an airsoft gun more accurate. The most important thing in a accurate airsoft gun is the inner barrel. Now this is the barrel that goes inside of the black metal outer barrel that you have. And this is what the BB flies through. What they have is a barrel that is called a tight bore barrel. This comes in varying sizes anywhere from a 605, 604, 603, and all the way down to a 6.01. My personal experience I found the 603s to be one of the best, and that is what I have in the guns you see here. The other thing you want to have is a good hop up unit. And this is pretty much the integral part as far as range, and accuracy goes. Now the barrel will slide in here like so, and it will have a rubber sleeve. Down here you will have a little nub that will drop down on that sleeve, and create your hop. So if this assembly is good, and you have got a nice tight bore barrel it is going to put good back spin on, the BB's going to come out, it is going to have more air behind it to push it, it is also going to keep it's trajectory straighter, because it is not bouncing as much inside the barrel. And you can actually get these things to shoot at one hundred feet out within a three inch spread. As far as accuracy goes get you a good tight bore, good hop up unit, and you will be set.


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