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The process of taking apart an Airsoft gun depends on the model and manufacturer, and breaking it all the way down to the mechbox is necessary to make any major repairs. Safely disassemble a G36C model with help from a professional Airsoft technician in this free video on BB guns.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chad Boone. I'm with Mantis Airsoft located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I have been involved in Airsoft for two and a half years as a player. I'm an Airsoft Tech which means I work on guns, upgrade guns, fix guns. I have been doing that for about two years professionally. I also design operations and run those around the Southeastern area. I am going to demonstrate for you how to disassemble your Airsoft Gun. The thing with Airsoft Guns is you have so many different models and manufacturers. Every one comes apart slightly differently. As far as the model of gun, they're all typically the same. You might have some small differences between companies and brands but an M4 is going to break down you know just like any other M4 along the same guidelines. You might have a few things extra but once you do one you can figure out how to do the others. Today we're going to be taking apart a G36C and this should give you a pretty good idea of what to look for when you go to take away, take apart your box and we're going to break it all the way down to the mechbox so if you are doing a repair this is what you're going to need to do in order to get your mechbox out and do any repairs to the gun. So we'll go ahead and get started here with that. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and get everything loosened up that you need to, disconnect your battery. You do not want the battery connected while you're taking this thing apart. Now these are body pins. Every gun is going to have these body pins. They could be a flared body pin. They could just be a straight shaft pin that's got some little teeth around the end. You'll kind of see that as you look at it. On the G36, the first thing you want to do is take that front cover off and that exposes your battery. Go ahead and get that all disconnected. Alright the next step is going to be to take this pin apart here, that runs all the way through the mag well, and on this side you're going to have a small hex head screw, going to loosen that up, take the end of your screw driver, push that pin on through and pull it out. Now one thing you want to do when you get these little parts is try to screw them back together so you don't end up losing anything. It is also often nice to have little pan something you can put all the small parts in so you don't lose any. At this point you're going to pull the mag release up, take that part off, set it off to the side. Next step, change your bit out. You've got two screws here and here and you're going to have one in the back. All these need to come out. Go ahead and start with the back and get your side screws. Now we're ready to detach the lower receiver from the upper receiver. Now all guns are going to have the same thing. They're all going to have an upper and they're all going to have a lower. Your main goal is to get this lower out which is what's going to hold the mechbox itself. Now on the G36 model you've got this extra little distance of wire here that runs through. There should be another connection that sits just in front of the hop up unit. Go ahead and disconnect that connection. When you look down in here you will see the hop up. You want to kind of push that forward, that will release the lower receiver and the lower receiver will slide right out. Now if you need to do anything with the barrel and the hop up you will just pull this whole unit back and work it out and that is going to give you access to your barrel and your hop up assembly. Now that you have the lower receiver out of the body you need to get the rest of the mechbox out of the lower receiver. There's a couple things you want to be sure to look for with these. First off observe the box the way it looks, the way it's assembled before you take it apart. That way if something comes springing out, you're going to know where it goes. Sometimes it is a good idea to take a digital camera and take a picture of it. That way you have a visual reference on how it looked before you took it apart. In most cases make sure that the selector is in safe. This is what holds the motor. Depending on the model that you have, the motor might slide out with this gear box. This is a Version 3 Gear Box. Typically the motor is connected to the gear box and you don't have to take it apart separately. On models such as the M4, you need to take that motor out and there's some screws that are all the way down in the motor well that you'll loosen and you'll take that hand grip completely off. You'll see this middle screw. You don't want to take these other two out, that holds the plate in, you don't need to worry about those. This bigger screw head, that will release the motor housing. Just go ahead and pull that screw out and now you're ready to pull this assembly apart. You want to kind of get it started, nope, we have got one pin. We've got a body pin, let's see, this slides through right here and you want to just push that out and that's one of those straight pins I was talking about earlier. Alright now your mechbox is free. It will start to slide up and you want to watch right down in this area here, you've got a small pin that actually slides your plate back and forth. That can get caught on little projections from the mechbox as you pull it out so you want to kind of watch that it guides out properly and doesn't get snagged. Now never force anything with an Airsoft Gun. As soon as you force it you're going to break something. So gently lift it out, make sure you grab that part and put it aside. Keep watching that pin. This is where it tends to want to snag. You see you have a rised area right here and right here then you have got this channel. You want to make sure that this post goes in between this channel. Once you've cleared that, the box will come the rest of the way out. Now this being a Version 3 when you go to get into the mechbox itself, you want to detach your motor, move it off to the side, take your other screws out and then you can open the box and do any repairs you need to do.


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