Makeup Tips: How to Contour Cheek Bones for a Natural Look

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For a natural-looking contoured cheek bone, you'll want to put a darker shade of blush under the bone, which will cause it to look rounded. Give your cheekbones a beautiful and natural contour with tips from a celebrity makeup artist in this video on makeup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cyvia Lewis with Modern Mom and we're going to talk about contouring cheekbones. What we want to think about is that our cheekbones is, you know, it's rounded and we want it to look supple and beautiful. So what we want to do is put a shade darker than our blush under our cheekbone and you can kind of feel where your cheekbone is. Why don't you give that you feel that? There's a bone there, okay. So, just below that bone is where we want to put that shading okay and causing it to look rounded. Shading you can use an angle brush and a darker any darker shade of powder or blush that you would like and just you want to just stroke that underneath lightly and then the next side are going to go straight under the cheekbone, up and back and we're not doing it so you can really see it, but we're just kind of placing a little bit of shade under there, and then I apply a lighter blush color to put on top here. So, this part will go just on the very top of your cheekbone as if the light was hitting it and what look are we achieving with contouring. That's brightening our face, lifting up you know we all want to kind of lift ourselves and it's just kind of giving a dimensions to your face rather than just applying color. The light color always bring things outward. Darker colors kind of push things back so we're kind of doing both there with the cheekbone. Lighter on top and then darker on the bottom. Right and you can see it kind of gives your face some nice depth. Perfect.


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