How to Make Veggie Pizza

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Making a veggie pizza includes all the normal ingredients of cheese, crust and sauce plus a variety of vegetables for more flavor and toppings. Add in green peppers, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic and more with advice from a professional cook in this free video on cooking a veggie pizza.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Morgan McColum and I am here today to teach you how to make a veggie pizza. I've already got my crust rolled. I'm using a screen here at Twilight Pizza Bistro. We use screens because we have a great big oven with a stone in there already. You probably don't have that at home so you use a pizza stone. Preheat it in the oven at the temperature that your recipe calls for and bring it out, put your crust on and then you can start. What I always do when I'm doing a pizza is I add just a little bit of olive oil to the bottom there just to protect that crust a little bit. What that does is it keeps it from getting moist and soggy from the sauce. Now I add my pizza sauce. I'm adding about three tablespoons here which for the size of pizza that I'm making which is a thirteen inch. That's plenty. I'm just going to move that around in circles and outward concentric circles to get that spread around the dough. And I'm going to leave myself probably about a half inch on the edge there. Okay? And now we're ready for cheese and all the goodies. Now when you're making a veggie pizza, it's always good to start with garlic. Garlic is a good thing. Okay, I'm going to add some garlic 'cos garlic is good, healthy. It kills whatever is growing in your intestines and all that other good stuff. Okay? And then I'm going to get some cheese. We're just going to kind of spread that out around the edges, get to where it's nice and covered. Okay, now it's where the fun starts. I'm going to throw a little bit of Italian seasoning on here 'cos I like Italian seasoning, and then it's just up to you in your imagination. We're going to do kind of a mix of vegetables because the more you add, the more different flavors you get in there and that makes it interesting. I'm going to use some mushrooms, and I think we'll use some black olives. Black olives have a great flavor. And I'm going to throw some onions on there, too. We use sweet onions on our pizzas. We don't use any kind of just white or red. We always use walla walla sweets, or vadella, or the Hawaiian sweets that come out. Just because we think that they're nice around pizza, and they don't have quite the sharp flavor that the reds and the other onions do. And I'm going to throw some green peppers on here. We have artichoke hearts, we have sun dried tomatoes. If you do sun dried tomatoes, you always want to put those on anything else that easily burns in the oven under the cheese. So if you're going to do sun dried tomatoes on a pizza, put it under the cheese. And in that way you're going to throw it in the oven, you're not going to get those I'm sure we've all been to pizza places that use sun dried tomatoes and they put 'em on the top and they burn. And that's not good in it, it doesn't taste good. So again, sun dried tomatoes under the cheese. I'm using a red pizza base on this pizza. But if you like either white pizzas where you want to put olive oil on the base, you can put Alfredo sauce on the base, you can put a garlic cream sauce in the base, you can even put Ranch dressing on the base if you really like that. Very non-traditional, not particularly Italian but still you can make a good pizza that way. Particularly if you have kids, kids love Ranch. That's a great thing to do for kids. They really did the Ranch pizzas. On those put some Parmesan cheese, a little Italian seasoning and some garlic, and even some black olives, and they'll love it and they won't even know why. But it's good. Again, veggie pizzas are all about what you like. If you hate green peppers, don't put green peppers on it. Put the combination of vegetables that you like and you enjoy. The only limits are your imagination so have fun with it. And that's how to make a veggie pizza. I'm Morgan McColum.


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