Diet for Hyperactivity

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A diet that might help hyperactivity is a low-sugar diet that combines carbohydrates with lean proteins to balance blood sugar. Help hyperactive children adopt a calmer lifestyle through a good diet with advice from a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

It is kind of interesting with the hyperactivity because there are all kinds of diets out there and they have different philosophies as to why they work. You know one of the first diets was the Fineco Diet and the philosophy was that if the child is consuming a lot of processed foods with chemicals that their nervous system is responding very negatively to those chemicals and so you know the rationale is if you remove the chemicals then the child will not be so hyperactive and some parents found that to be the case. Another suggestion is to remove all of the candy that has stimulating properties and of course chocolate has a lot of stimulating properties to them so you know keeping children off of chocolate candy in particular might be of benefit. Some parents also find that sugar has an adverse effect on their children's behavior because when the sugar is at high levels the child is actually more calm but if they crash that's when they become very irritable and more active and so if we can get children off of the sugar roller coaster, highs and lows, that seems to help level out their behavior. Well one thing that really helps is to think about having protein with carbohydrates together and particularly what we call slow release so for example a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread or a half a sandwich would be a good snack for a child who tends to have problems with you know highs and lows with their blood sugar. Even nuts are a fairly good snack you know for kids because there is a little bit of carbohydrate, a little bit of the good fat and a little bit of protein.


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