How to Control Diabetes With Your Diet

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Type 2 diabetes can often be treated through a eating healthier diet full of non-starchy vegetables and lean meats. Incorporate exercise into a new calorie-cutting lifestyle with advice from a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on diabetes diets.

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Video Transcript

The most common form of diabetes in this country is Type 2 Diabetes and that's 90% of the people who have it and 90% who have diabetes have a diabetes that is brought on partially by gaining too much weight in the abdominal area and if one carries even 20 extra pounds in their stomach area then they're at risk for Type 2 Diabetes. The reason why that occurs is because the fat makes the body less responsive to the insulin that you already produce. Now so the first step if you have Type 2 Diabetes is to try to lose weight, to try to cut your calories. Most people will try to cut calories by reducing both fat and carbohydrates. If you have diabetes and you're checking your blood sugar you want to make sure that you know how much carbohydrate you're consuming because the carbohydrate is the sugar. It is what makes it go up. Exercise is absolutely key. The more we move the more we lose, the more fat we lose, but also the more we're able to bring our blood sugars down to normal. One thing you might want to do when you're trying to lose weight to maximize getting enough food volume is to eat a lot of what we call free vegetables. Free vegetables are really low in carbohydrate. They have a lot of fiber. They don't give you extra calories and in fact when you eat these vegetables, you're using up more energy in processing them then they provide and that's your broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, any kind of salad greens, those kind of are these vegetables that are what we call the non-starchy ones. Now vegetables like corn are good for you but they have a lot of sugar in them and so one has to be really careful about quantity. A real good rule of thumb when it comes to eating for diabetes and weight loss is to fill half of every dinner plate with the salad and the vegetables that are really low in carbohydrate, no more than a fourth of your plate with the foods that are high in sugar, like potatoes, rice and corn and a fourth of the plate with the lean meat and if you do that every night that by itself can help people lose weight.


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