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A few quick and easy dance routines are those done at the barre in each of the five positions, and they can include plies, grande plies, tondues and releves. Choreograph a simple dance routine with help from a ballet artistic director in this free video on ballet dancing.

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This is Lynda DeChane, from the South Florida Ballet Theater, home of the Florida Apprentice Ballet School, in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip, we're going to show you some quick and easy ballet routines, but first, we're going to start with the positions of the feet. Alexandra here is standing in first position. It is the first position a dancer learns. Then, she will move to second position, and then to fourth position. And then, back to fifth position. Generally, in Vogonava technique we do not use third position. It's just an easy position for very small children, pre-ballet, and so forth. The first exercise a dancer learns is to do a plie. Plie means to bend, so if you go back to first position please, Alexandra. She will do a demi plie, which is a half plie, in first. Then, she'll do a grand plie, in first. This is when the dancer lifts the heels from the floor, places them back into the floor, and then straightens the knees. If you notice, one of the most important tips is that she keeps pulled up in her stomach so that her back remains as flat as possible. She also uses her arm, nice and strong. It's called un bas, which means down, and this keeps herself balanced, as well as, if you'll notice, her dance belt. It shows you that she's standing straight across. Now Alexandra, if you could move to fourth position we're going to do what we call a cambre. Bring your arm up to third and cambre in fourth. Cambre means to fall over just like a waterfall, and then you come back up and return, and you can also cambre to the back. This is a graceful movement that we use. As well as in a dance routine, we also use this to stretch and align our bodies. Then, go to fifth position. The next thing Alexandra's going to do is a releve. Releve means to go up, in French, and when a dancer goes up and balances, hopefully. Watch your dance belt. Keep it straight, good. And then, she's going to cambre, forward and back, in fifth position. You notice, the arm changes slightly. She has to remain forward in her body, and then back, very good. And back up again, and balance. Plie to finish, and back to her beginning position. This has been Lynda DeChane. Thank you for watching.


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