How to Use a Snorkel

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A snorkel is used by placing one end in your mouth, threading it through a snorkel mask and letting the open end stay above the surface of the water. Use a snorkel to investigate a variety of sea life with helpful advice from the owner of a Miami dive store in this free video on snorkeling.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Valerie Kevorkian and I'm with Tarpoon Lagoon Dive Center, Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to use a snorkel. Exactly what is a snorkel? A snorkel is a tube that goes into your mouth while you are snorkeling enabling you to breath without lifting your head up for air. This is a simple snorkel, no bells or whistles. It is just a tube with a slightly curved device on the bottom for a mouth piece. This one is a little bit more elaborate. It's got a valve up on top that keeps water from entering in the snorkel when you're under water. It also has a flexible piece on the bottom so that you can direct it into your mouth quite easily. There is also a purge valve on the bottom of this that allows water to go out but not back in when you're using the snorkel. So how exactly do you use a snorkel? The snorkeler positions his body in the water with his face down so that he can see what's on the bottom. Without lifting his head he's simply breathing in and out of the snorkel with ease. The snorkeler sees something on the bottom and wants to go down to investigate further. After making a nice surface dive he comes back up, expels the water out of the snorkel. The snorkel enables him to keep breathing without lifting his head up for air. The snorkel is worn on the left side of the mask. Once you have put the mask securely on your face and in position you can put the snorkel mouthpiece into your mouth. Your teeth are biting down on the little bite tabs inside the snorkel and your lips are gently placed around the mouthpiece. Be careful not to open up your mouth so as to let water come in while you are snorkeling. This has been Valerie Kevorkian. Thank you for watching.


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