How to Defog a Snorkeling Mask

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A snorkeling mask can be defogged by first cleaning off the silicone preservative using a commercial cleaner or toothpaste, and then applying a defogging chemical agent. Keep a snorkeling or scuba mask from fogging up underwater with helpful advice from the owner of a Miami dive store in this free video on snorkeling.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Valerie Kevorkian and I'm with Tarpoon Lagoon Dive Center, Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to defog your snorkeling mask. What is defogging? Defogging your mask is taking off, first of all, you must take off the silicone preservative after you've bought your mask. So you want to take either a commercial cleanser or you can simply use a pasty toothpaste. Go ahead and put it in your mask, on the lenses. By doing this, you're putting a film on the lens that will help remove that silicone preservative. You want to rub the cleansing agent all over the lens of the mask, inside and out. Again, this is to remove the silicone preservative that is put on the mask during the manufacturing process. After you've done this, you can allow it to dry for a little while or You can simply go ahead and rinse it off. If you allow it to dry, you still need to rinse it off the mask. Make sure that you've rinsed it quite clearly and completely, because our next step is to apply a defogging agent. Defogging agent will now help you keep the mask from fogging while you're using the mask during snorkeling. Since the mask is an important piece of our equipment, it enables us to see if the mask should fog up while you're snorkeling, it becomes quite uncomfortable and making vision quite difficult. O.k., again, you want to rinse the cleanser off, of the mask. even though it's clear, it is a chemical and you don't want it to burn your eyes. Once it is rinsed, you can go ahead and now attach your snorkel to your mask. Making sure that the snorkel is attached to the left side of your mask. This is in preparation for scuba diving, should you choose to do so in the future. this has been Valerie Kevorkian and hank you for watching.


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