How to Rehabilitate a Pulled Quad Muscle

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A pulled quad muscle can be rehabilitated by staying hydrated, maintaining consistent motion and stretching it out. Prevent a pulled muscle from balling up with health information from a physical therapy doctor in this free video on sports medicine.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Patrick McCarthy. I'm a doctor of physical therapy here at Wilmington Orthopedic Group and I'm talking about how to rehab a pulled quad muscle. Pulling a quad muscle can be extremely painful and can happen during most commonly running activities. The first thing you want to do is well one, drink lots of water and two, keep moving. One thing you don't want to do is try to let that thing start balling up on you. In order to prevent your quad from balling up you would want to perform a few light stretching. I say light because you don't want to be too aggressive with it. Being aggressive will just aggravate the quad muscle and cause further damage. So a few stretches. One would be a lunge stretch. This kind of gets the front part of the thigh and down the leg. Doing it, all you do is just get in the lunge position, stand up nice and tall and then lean forward over top of the affected leg. If you are unable to go down on one knee then sometimes it helps to have a chair nearby where you can kind of put the top part of your foot up on a chair and then just bend with your good leg down a little bit so you can achieve the stretch. Also it is very important to drink plenty of water, drinking water, doing light stretching and in probably about like a week or so you might be able to get back to some light moderate activity and that's one way to kind of help rehab a pulled quad muscle.


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