Types of Muscles in the Human Body

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The three types of muscles in the human body include skeletal or striated muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle, each of which serves a different function in the body. Discover the role that each type of muscle plays with health information from a physical therapy doctor in this free video on sports medicine.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Patrick McCarthy. I'm a doctor of physical therapy here at Wilmington Orthopedic Group. What I would like to talk to you today is about types of muscles. There are three main types of muscles. One is skeletal muscle or striated muscle, two is smooth muscle and three would be cardiac muscle which makes up the heart. Striated muscles or skeletal muscles are typically the muscles I work with here in the clinic and those are the muscles that we often think of so your biceps, triceps, muscles in the back. Smooth muscles tend to make up muscles of the intestines, so your colon, small intestines, and cardiac muscles, the heart as I stated. The differences between the two are voluntary and involuntary. The smooth muscles and cardiac muscles are involuntary muscles and the skeletal muscles are voluntary so we can control them and those are three types of muscles.


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