How to Tape Football Cleats

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Football cleats are the shoes that are worn in a football game, and tape can be used with cleats for decoration or around the cleats to add support to the ankle. Add stability to the ankles or protect the toes with tape with help from a head football coach in this free video on football cleats.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is coach Jesse Shale from Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to show you how to tape football cleats, and you might even ask yourself what is a football cleat. Well football cleats are simply the shoes that you wear in a football game that also come with nice little ridges, and you might call them spikes. Although in football you are not allowed to the only thing you are not allowed to use are what are usually metal spikes, which are used in baseball a lot of times. But other than that any kind of shoe that has some kind of protrusion out of the bottom is a football cleat. And you might ask yourself why am I going to tape this thing. Well it could be two reasons. One would be decoration, and this is where people get a little bit excited. They might want to put their name on a piece of tape that says right along the emblem. Maybe they want to go around the back, and put a piece of tape there with their number or some kind of inspirational saying. These are all just cosmetic things, and depending on your coach he may not allow you to do these kinds of things. So make sure you talk to him before you start doing anything. The other reason you might tape your cleats is if you want to add more stability to the ankle. You, it's kind of this it's very similar to taping your ankle if you were to have that done by a trainer or anything like that. And so if you wanted to tape up your cleats to keep them more solidified so you would not be rolling your ankle as easily you would tape them up the same you would an ankle. The other purpose you might use for taping your cleats are for stabilizing your ankle or also protecting your toes. So if you look at the cleat itself sometimes you might want to protect yourself against people stepping on your toes. It might not be a very thick layer of tape that you are putting on your toes, but you can definitely put some tape right on the toe area, and you can even wrap it all the way around if you find that that is necessary. What this is going to do is it is going to provide an extra layer of protection, because a lot of times in football people put their feet where you are not expecting them to. So after you do that you can either do the toe part or then you can move to the ankle. And this is very similar to if you were just taping your ankle without a shoe on. You want to put some base strips up top first to provide an anchor for the tape, and then what you do, if he'll lift up his ankle here. You would do this actually sitting down, but you pull out, and make some stirrups. And you are going to do this two or three times where you have stirrups that go from the base strip up here, around the bottom of the cleat, and come up to the other side. After that you are going to do what is called a heel lock where you alternate around the foot, and around the base of the heel to provide that actual support. And that will help you to keep that ankle stabilized. This has been Jesse Shale, thanks for watching.


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