How to Put on 7 Pad Football Pants

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Traditional football pants have pockets in them in which to insert pads, and seven-pad pants have places for butt pads, hip pads, knee pads and thigh pads. Discover the importance of pads in football pants with help from a head football coach in this free video on seven-pad football pants.

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Hi this is coach Jesse Shale from Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to show you how to put on seven pad football pants. And there is a couple of options so we are just going to talk about some of those different options that you have available to you. Now the traditional football pants have some multiple pockets in them, and what I have done is I have turned these pants inside out, because honestly this probably going to be the easiest way for you to put in your pads. So if you look at your pad pants when you take them inside out you notice that there are four pockets. The lower pockets are for your knee pads, which look like this usually. And the upper pads are for your thigh pads, which are usually bigger, and look something like this. Now when you just have this pair of pants there is no other place for the remaining three pads your hip pads, and your butt pad. So you can either put those in the belt that goes around these pants or you can get yourself what is called a girdle. And this is a thinner usually more spandex type of pair of pants that are usually shorter, and have if you get them pockets that are available for the pad in the back as well as the hip pads on the side. Some of them also have extra pockets on the front if you want to put your thigh pads in those. And that is the way that I usually recommend to do them, because once you put on your pads your pants, and your pads, and you are working out here in the heat, and in the wet your pants start to droop, and fall down, and it is actually better if you get those thigh pads in here. In fact I recommend that you put five of your pads in here. The butt pad, the two hip pads, and the thigh pads all in your girdle, and the only thing you put in your pants, your football pants are the knee pads in the bottom. And once you put them all together it should look something like this. When we look at his pants now as they are fully padded up we have got our knee pads down here on the bottom, we have got the thigh pads up here just above them, the hip pads are on the side, and you can't see it, but the butt pad is around the back. And if you don't have all these pads in you could get penalized. This has been coach Jesse Shale, thanks for watching.


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