How to Help a Kid Become a Better Football Player

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In order to help a kid become a better football player, it's important to teach them good habits and proper form. Teach a kid about blocking, athletic stances and quickness with help from a head football coach in this free video on becoming a better football player.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is coach Jesse Shale from Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to show you how to help any kid become a better football player, and it really all comes down to form. A lot of kids have talent, but some kids don't. And if you can make a kid, if you can help a kid to get good form, and good habits formed that is really going to help level the playing field. And we are going to talk about three different ways that that happens. The first way we are going to talk about is just blocking, which applies to the offensive line, but also to other positions as well, both offensive, and defensive. And when we talk about good form we want to talk about a good form of our body. When we have our knees bent, and our back has a nice arch in it so that we are almost straight up and down. This is a similar position to if you were squatting in the weight room. This not only applies actually to football, but many other sports as well. So when we talk about the offensive line we get into our usually three-point stance with the offensive line. He has still got the basics of this good form. His butt is down, his butt has still got this good arch in it, and that allows his head to get better vision as well. So when we take our first step set, hit, we still are able to keep our good form, we are still able to do the things that we need to do, and have good body balance, and use our strength to the best of our ability. So if you will encourage a kid to have good form that will take him very far, especially if you start at a young age. Also talking about running backs. Again they usually start in similar positions either two point or three point stance, and we will go with a two point stance right now. Again good athletic form, but if you want to encourage them as far as running the ball is concerned you encourage them by getting those feet moving as quick as possible. Quick steps, and not everyone is fast, but everyone can be quick with work. And you can do dot drills to improve their foot speed, and different things like that. So if you are not one understanding the difference between quickness, and fast, and being fast we are talking about foot speed. How quickly you can move your feet in a given amount of time. So if we say set, hit, and he takes off running. Set, hit, we are talking about that first step, we are talking about that first step being as quick as it possibly can, but a lot of short distance exercises will help this. The last thing that you can do to help a kid become a better football player is that you can help them with their catching ability, which they will use in a lot of different ways. And it has got to be about form. We talk about his in a similar way to baseball. If it is up top, above the waist you make a diamond. If it is down low below the waist you cross it up. And as long as you get those started at an early age this will really help them when they move along if they get those habits formed early. Thanks for watching, I am Jesse Shale.


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