How to Play Third Base in Baseball

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In baseball, a third baseman is an infielder that must have quick reactions, agility, good hands, a strong arm and ability to catch ground balls to the right or left. Become a better third baseman with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on third base in baseball.

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Video Transcript

The question was asked how to be a better third baseman. Well to be a third baseman you basically do the same thing that you do at second base or short stop other than third baseman you have less reaction time than those positions. At third base the ball gets to you much quicker so you must be very agile, alert, and be very quick and sure handed because the ball is going to come to you in a line drive, sometimes a one hopper that's a short hopper but the ball is going to get there relatively quickly. The only other ball you're going to have to figure is one that is chopped and you're going to have to charge it quickly to run on into the infield to make the play in there but basically station yourself on the balls of your feet, make sure that your head is over your belly button which is your center of gravity and you want your baseball glove palm up. This palm up position gets you ready to catch the ground ball at any point in time. Whenever you break down to catch the ball, try to get the ball as much into your center of your stance as possible or circle the ball and be moving towards first base as you catch the ball. We're going to do big alligator little alligator to catch the ball, bending at your knees severely and then we're going to come up, crow hop and throw the ball to first base. Be sure that you're able to move quickly to your right or to your left. If it's to your right you're going to have to back hand the ball. If it's to your left you're going to have to forehand the ball but you've got to be nice and soft with your hands because the ball is going to be on you quickly. But basically be quick, agile and sure handled, make a good accurate throw across the bag and basically that's how to become a better third baseman.


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