How to Pitch a Curveball

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Throwing a curveball starts with the grip, which involves holding the ball with the thumb on the bottom and the middle finger on the inside of the horseshoe created by the seams of the ball. Keep the fingers outside the baseball to throw a curveball with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on throwing curveballs in baseball.

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Video Transcript

The question is asked, how to throw a curveball. Well, lets get into how to throw a curveball as we go out here to the mound. Basically the curveball is in effect a ball that you grip with your longest finger on the seams, going into the horseshoe with a very amount of light pressure of the first finger. This finger can be placed in this position also if that helps you put less pressure or less weight on this particular finger. But either grip will work for the basic curveball. When the ball is thrown, the fingers are outside the ball when we get about this position and the back of the hand is exposed when the ball is released. The ball will in effect topple or waterfall right over the first finger creating movement and a very tight spin that will make the ball for a right-handed pitcher break to the left, away from a right handed pitcher, a right handed batter. Or for a left-handed pitcher break to the right and away from a left-handed batter. That's how you throw a curveball.


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