How to Run Faster in Baseball

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In order to run faster in baseball, start by working on getting out of the batter's box faster, and do this by stepping with the back foot first. Discover ways to run a straight line to first base with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on running in baseball.

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Video Transcript

The question is asked: how to run faster in baseball. The first thing you need to do is get out of the box well. After you've made contact with the ball, and you're about to run, make sure that you step with the back foot first. That gives you a complete step, instead of a half a step towards first base. So, make sure that as you get out of the box, you step with your backside foot first, and get in a straight line to first as quickly as possible. We don't want a route where we run inside the line too far, or outside the line too far. We want to run a straight line to first base. When we run, we want to run on the toes and balls of our feet, and pump our arms parallel with our body at a ninety-degree angle as we run. Again, running on your toes and running on the balls of your feet to the base. As you near first base, don't jab your steps in order to hit with a certain foot. Hit with whatever foot that comes natural, or the closest to your stride. When you get closer to the base, don't stagger your steps in order to hit with a certain foot. Just take whatever step that comes most natural within your stride, and try to hit on the very inside of the base, or as near to it as possible. You don't want to step here, or here because you've actually run further and you get there slower. Whatever stride that comes out, try to hit on the base nearest you, on a straight line. Run straight through the bag, and do not decelerate until after you've passed the bag. It's also a good idea to look over your right shoulder after you've passed the bag, so you can see if there's been an overthrow, or not. Remember to run, pump your arms, your arms are at a ninety degree angle, pump them parallel in the direction you're running, try to run everything in as straight as possible, try to get to the outside nearest corner of that bag as quickly as possible, run a straight line as possible from where your batting position was right to first base. Basically that'll get you faster to first base and that's how you run faster in baseball.


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