How to Hit a Fast Pitch

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Hitting a fast pitch in baseball is the same as hitting any other pitch, however, there are ways to improve one's chances of hitting a fast pitch. Learn about anticipation, reaction time and moving back in the batter's box with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on hitting fast pitches.

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Video Transcript

The question was asked how to hit a fast pitch. Well you hit a fast pitch like you hit any other pitch pretty much but there's some things that you can do to help yourself out with hitting a faster pitch. The first thing you can do is if you think the pitcher is a very fast pitcher and he's going to throw you a fast pitch is to back up in he batter's box somewhat. This increases reaction time. The further you are away from the pitcher the more reaction time that you have and that can help you react to the fast pitch. Batters that get up in the front of the box or even with the plate all the time are going to get the same speed regardless but if I can back up in the box somewhat it does help me increase my reaction time and then anticipate the fast pitch. You are expecting this guy has been throwing hard all day, he is probably going to throw hard to you also. Make sure that you get your foot down on time and you're ready to go and react to the fast pitch by being ready sooner than you would be if you are expecting some other pitch but by backing up in the box, anticipating the pitch and looking for the fast ball or the fast pitch it can better increase your odds of being prepared to hit the fast pitch. In short, that's how you hit a fast pitch.


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