How to Pitch Faster: Kid Exercises

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Youth exercises to help kids pitch faster include exercises that promote strength and flexibility, all while protecting the kid's ligaments and muscle groups. Learn about using long toss to strengthen the arm with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on exercises for pitching faster.

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Video Transcript

The question's asked: what are some youth exercises to make you pitch faster? Well, there's several things you could do. The first thing you can do is to get some of the elastic bands that are used for strength and also for flexibility. And these can be used in a myriad of ways teaching the kid to get the various flexions he needs and protect his ligaments and also his muscle groups. Also, you can "long toss" with a partner. Get up there and throw as far as you can as long as you can keep the ball on a straight line. But long toss with your partner can increasingly each day get a little further apart and that will build up arm strength. And thirdly, you can develop some really good biomechanical exercises. The "hook 'em" drill and also the "back-up" drill teach biomechanics and take, making you biomechanically more fundamentally sound. And the more sound you are, the more that you used your body, the more you use the body, the harder and more effective you are throwing. So there are many different things you can do as a kid to help you throw faster, but basically, using the bands for exercises, for strength and agility, doing long toss for arm strength and doing biomechanical drills to make you more fundamentally sound, are at least three ways you can, doing some exercises to make you throw faster as a kid.


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