How to Keep a Baseball Score Book

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Understanding a baseball score book starts with understanding the numerical values assigned to each player on a baseball field. Learn about the shorthand used in keeping score in baseball, as well as how score books are arranged, with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on keeping score in baseball.

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The question's asked, how to keep score or keep a score book in baseball. Well, the first thing you need to do is go by a sporting goods store and purchase a book, much like this one, that helps you to keep score. And basically, the way we do that; the positions, defensively, on the field are numbered. The pitcher being one; the catcher, two; the first baseman, three, and they are numbered here in a little bitty miniature baseball diamond that's on the score book itself. There's also a place for a batting order for the offensive team that's hitting. And basically, we have the offensive team that hits in the same batting order each time. In the little blocks with the baseball field on it, the little baseball diamond, you literally mark in what happens with that batter. If the batter gets a hit you mark the hit block and you draw a line from home to first on the little baseball field. If he advances to second, third, and all the way to home, consequently, then we color in that little block and that denotes that a run has scored. When the batter makes an out there's a little block to color in for the out. When there's three outs, of course, that retires the inning. You draw a line, and then go to the next line for inning two. But, if you look at the baseball book itself it's a little bit explanatory. It tells you you can draw a little line to where the ball is hit, the area of the field it's hit, and mark hit, or mark error, or mark that the ball was caught and an out was noted. So basically, you put the batting order in this order. Go right through that as he appears in the appropriate inning. Mark that it was a out or a hit, or whatever base the ball, what position on the field it is, one through nine. You might also look on the Internet. They make electronic score books. And you literally keep score the way I've described it with a little mouse pad. And with a Palm Pilot, or with one of those little hand laptops or any other computer like that you can literally have the software that will not only help you keep the score, but will also tally up the hits, errors, and that sort of thing at the end for you already, so that's a really helpful tool also. So, get good old school with a score book like this, or get you some software off the Internet to keep score, but basically, that's how you keep score in baseball.


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