How to Roll Up Baseball Pants

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In order to roll up baseball pants, simply pull the socks or stirrups all the way up before raising the pants to a comfortable level. Find out how to work with the elastic on baseball pants with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on baseball pants.

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Video Transcript

The question's asked, how do you roll up baseball pants? Well, believe it or not, there actually is a method to that madness. In the day, in traditional baseball when people bloused their pants or rolled up their pants, it was done in the following manner. First of all, in the day you had socks or stirrups and sanitaries. This is a stirrup and this is a sanitary. You pull your sanitaries and socks all the way up to your knees. You would pull up the pant to a position where that the elastic came right to a comfortable position, whatever is comfortable for you. And then you'd simply roll down the sock or the stirrup and the sanitary down over the pant, in this manner. Again, the pant is turned inside out, so it's turned inside out, roll the sock or the stirrup over the pant, as well as your sanitary. And maybe you want to put a piece of tape around, you have a blousing rubber or a rubber band. And then you simply pull the pant back, inside or outside whether you've turned the correct way. And your pants re perfectly bloused or rolled up. And they'll stay in this position because the sanitary and the stirrup or sock holds it in place. And in a simple way of showing you how to blouse your pants, that's how you blouse your baseball pants or you roll up your baseball pants.


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