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The best way to teach batting is to develop the fundamentals of the swing to ensure that other aspects of good hitting take place. Learn about batting stances, negative moves, strides and extension with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on teaching batting.

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Video Transcript

The question's asked, how do you teach batting. Well, there's a number of ways that you can teach batting but developing the correct fundamentals of the swing is the best way to teach batting because it's going to insure that most of the other things in batting take place. First of all we need to make..put ourselves in a good batting stance, make sure that the rear foot is straight across to the other batter's box because we're going to be turning this foot ninety degrees and we don't want to turn it further than we have to. Secondly we're going to make sure that our knees are inside our feet and that our knees and feet maintain that relationship throughout the swing. We don't want to sway back and get our knees over our back foot because it's going to make us loose on our back side. Secondly, we're going to take a negative move and a negative move is something to gain momentum. Our hands are going to go back to a position about even with but behind our back shoulder, basically this position, and our weight is going to get loaded up on our rear foot. whether we take a stride or don't take a stride we want to load up and remember to keep the knee inside the foot. The first part of the stride is called toe touch. We want to strike the ground with our toe. Even if we're taking no stride, we want to come up on this toe right here. When the heel plants the back knee will turn simultaneously. This is done before the bat head gets going or the knob of the bat gets going. We're going to start the bat knob towards the ball with the elbow going right under their hands and as soon as possible we want to get to this right palm, if we're right handed, palm up. Take the knob of the bat to the ball in bat leg position and by this point in time, our bat knee should be completely turned and our foot should be in a perpendicular position with the bat with our knob right straight to the ball, to the plane of the ball. At contact we're going to have our arm still slightly bent. If the ball is down the middle we're going to make contact with the ball about even with our front foot. If it's inside it'll be in front of our foot, if it's outside it'll be slightly inside our foot. This foot is the forty-five degree angle or about towards first base. Again our arms are still flexed with this right palm up. At contact we're going to throw the bat head to a position of extension which is about chest high, depending on the height of the pitch and we're going to rotate our shoulders until our shoulders are completely rotated with our back shoulder then towards the pitcher, our hands and the bat are going to be above our shoulder. So we want to finish high and finish hard. Our chin will go from our left shoulder to our right shoulder. That ensures our head staying still. The inside eye will stay in the center of the stance throughout the swing. So basically we're going to get a stance, negative move, toe touch, heel plant, connection bat lag, knob to the ball to get us on to the plane of the ball, contact with this front leg straight and our arm slightly bent, throw the bat to extension and finish with our shoulders reversed here and our chin on the back shoulder. And that's the basic fundamentals of hitting and that's how to teach it to a young person.


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