How to Polish Shoes Properly

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In order to polish shoes properly, use greasy shoe polish and a soft cloth to rub over the shoes several times over. Find out how to buff a shoe to lift off excess polish with help from an image consultant in this free video on polishing shoes.

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Video Transcript

Hello I am image consultant Susan Bigsby at In this clip I am going to show you how to polish shoes properly. I bet a lot of you don't even bother to polish your shoes anymore. Do you even take them to the shoe man? Well if you want to do it yourself, if you want to do it at home I will show you how to do it. You need some good greasy shoe polish, and this is actual shoe polish that you would buy at the cobbler. And you need a soft cloth, any kind of soft cloth. This is a knitted very soft cloth. You rub it in the paste, and then you take it to the shoe, and you rub. And you rub, and you rub, and your rub the whole shoe, and once you have done the whole shoe you come back over it. And you start to buff just to lift off that excess polish, and it starts to really, really make the shoe shine nicely. The more you buff the more you shine. And then once you feel like you have really cleaned all the polish off the shoe you come back with a brush. A nice natural hair shoe brush, and you shine, and you buff, and you shine, and you buff. And this is a wonderful way to really bring out the luster of the leather. Another tip that I am going to give you too about shoe polish is sometimes you may buy a pair of shoes perhaps a navy shoe, and you are trying to match to something navy that you may want to wear that shoe with in your closet. That navy may not match exactly. So a little tip is to polish that navy shoe with black shoe polish, and it turns that navy into a very, very, very dark navy, and that may be the shade that you are trying to match to your clothing. Because most navy's in clothing now are very, very dark. It is the same as true with brown. If you have a pair of shoes that is may be too light a shade of brown, and you need a deeper shade. Polish it in black polish it works every time. This is Susan Bigsby, thanks for watching.


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