How to Wear a Sexy Corset

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A corset can allow a woman to be both tasteful and sexy at the same time. Learn about wearing corsets with help from an image consultant in this free video on women's clothing and wearing a sexy corset.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm image consultant Susan Bigsby at In this clip we're going to show you how to wear a sexy corset. I know those bring back memories and not a lot of us really like to be all boned up like that but let me tell you they really do do a lot for your figure. The only thing is when you go out for the evening and you want to go out on a hot date you really don't want to be a little bit careful about how exposed you are, that's all in the theme of being tasteful. You always want to be sexy but you want to do it in good taste. This is not to mean you want to look like you are wearing your lingerie out for the evening or like you should be better off in the bedroom wearing these kind of things. This is an actual corset that is boned with steel and was hand custom made for someone's body. It is totally nipped in here. It fastens up the front and just a little bit right at the bust line which means it really pushes you up and it can really be exposing if you are not careful about it and these typical traditional corsets lace up the back so that you can adjust the fit where needed and now we have an actual model with a corset that you may want to wear out on the town and you could put a jacket over it if you feel more comfortable but it really looks pretty. It is a little bit more covered up, not quite as structured, more like a top, more like a sexy corset top that you may want to wear. This one is really pretty. It covers her, it shows her shape and it has removable straps so that she can wear it with the strap or without the strap and if she is more comfortable to wear a shawl or a jacket over it she can but it's still very very sexy looking. Now let's look at the back of this corset which really gives it that corset detail. You can still see the boning and the lingerie styling but it's made to be worn on the outside so and you can adjust the snaps and they hook all the way down so that you can ensure the most precise fit and the best fit so that it totally nips in the waist and enhances the bust. It's a great look for any night out on the town with the man of your life. This is Susan Bigsby. Thanks for watching.


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