How to Prevent Lawn Overseeding

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The easiest way to prevent overseeding of a lawn is by using a spreader in the proper fashion. Learn about using a spreader to keep from overseeding a lawn with help from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawn care.

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Video Transcript

Hello, Dan here with DK LeSieur Landscape Maintenance here Washougal, Washington. I've been asked to talk to you about how to not overseed your lawn. Well, easiest way to not overseed is to use a spreader like I have in my hand. It's designed for couple of different applications; seed, fertilize, lime. So first off I'm going to show on the handle here; set it. There's a settings one through five; depending on the side of your grass seed, you can set it. Okay. One and two is the best way to go and you pull that trigger right here and on the inside, it lifts that gate up. Okay. If you open that all the way to five, it really lifts that gate open and you're going to overseed; you're going to have trouble with you grass that way. So let me throw a little bit seed in here and I'll show the difference in overseeding. So we're just going to pour a little bit because 'cause you don't need much seed. Grass seed goes quite a long way. It's kind of like making rice at home and you don't need much; add a little bit of water and it goes. So this is going to be set on two; okay. Watch out the front of this and it's going to come out when I pull the trigger; barely comes out. Okay, you can shake it a little bit. I'm going to throw it on five so you see the difference and this is going to tell you way too much seed. You see all that seed coming out? That's way too much. So again, you want to go nice and low; two is a good number and it's okay to go over your grass a couple of times. See how it's coming out nice and late? That's what you're looking for. And grass multiplies; this seed right here will grow two, three, four, five blades per grass seed. And once it gets going it will grow even more. So remember, this is not how to overfeed, overseed your lawn; uses a right seed for your region, your area. Here in the Pacific Northwest, this grass seed is use for wet weather and also the cold.


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