How to Plant a Lawn With Seed

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In order to plant a lawn with seed, combine the seed with lime pellets and a fertilizer spreader before watering the lawn. Find out how to get a full lawn in six weeks with help from a professional landscaper in this free video on seeding and lawn care.

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Video Transcript

Hello, Dan LeSieur here, DK LeSieur Landscape Maintenance, Washougal, Washington. I've been asked to explain how to seed your yard. Well, I've already taken and laid out some dirt, some of my mix that I use before I go ahead and seed. And then I take a little bit of this lime pellets and I sprinkle on here and if you're gonna, got a big area which you probably do, is you could use a fertilizing spreader or a walk behind spreader. This is about the same size as your fertilizer. So what this does, it breaks down the acid to let your grass grow a little bit better. So that's the first thing, the next thing is we're going to put some fertilizing yard starter, this is really light fertilizer, it's designed for the seed that you put down and you can get both of these products usually at the local feed store, hardware store, or those big, big stores. So let me show you how this goes, you just sprinkle this on. See how it's coming out? And that's about what we want. So, and again you could put this in your big hand spreader if you have a whole yard to do. Okay, we got those two things on, now the seed. Seeing as how that's what we're talking about is seeding our yard. I like to, in a big area I use a regular hand spreader, I can control it better than putting it in the big walk behind, but today I'm just going to do it by hand, just to give you the idea of how thick you want it on your dirt, okay. Not real thick, you put it too thick, it's going to get really bunched up when it grows, and it's not going to grow really good for you, you're not going to get a good even, you're going to have a big clump here and a big clump over here. So, not more is better, less is better, because you can always come back and put a little bit more seed on it later, after it starts coming in. So first of all we put some soil down, then we went and put our lime down, little bit of fertilizer, seed. Now we just need to water it, and let Mother Nature take it's place with the good old sunshine, and we should see grass within a week or two. Should be able to mow it in six weeks and fertilize again in six weeks. So get it going, try to stay off it as much as you can. If you are doing a whole yard there you go, put some stakes up, put some tape up, keep people off of it. Small area, the same thing, I'd put some stakes up around it, so everybody knows that it's new yard, to stay off of it.


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