How to Get Rid of Thatching Grass

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In order to get rid of thatching grass, simply use a thatching rake to pull the grass towards the body, thus uprooting the grass. Learn about various types of thatching rakes with help from a professional landscaper in this free video on thatching grass and lawn care.

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Video Transcript

Hello Dan here with DK LeSieur Landscape Maintenance, Washoba, Washington, Great Pacific Northwest. Today I was asked to talk to you folks about how to get rid of thatching grass. I have two different tools here most commonly used. You have got, this is actually a thatching rake. It is probably forty to fifty dollar rake versus your normal hard gravel rake you could buy it for about twelve bucks. So the twelve dollar one you have got to work a little bit harder, and I can show you that. And the fifty dollar one works really nice and easy. So I am going to start with the harder one so you can see the difference. Set this down so we don't hit ourselves. And I'm just going to stick it in, and pull it to you, pull it to you. This one you have got to clean off every time. You have some nasty little thatch in there. Old dead grass is what it is. So we are going to go back down, and pull again, and one more time. So you can see how that works. It works pretty decent. Again this is the less expensive of the two rakes for de-thatching. A little bit harder to use this one than the other one. I'm going to set this down, and let's grab this one. This is an actual thatching rake so watch how much simpler it is. And as you can see on the tip here you could adjust it. I have it adjusted how I like to use it already. So a couple of little wing nuts, you unscrew them, move your stuff, there you go. You stick it in, pull it to me, stick it in, pull it to me, stick it in, pull it to me. So there you go pulling it out. You don't have as much shoulder work, body work with this one. It pulls out the thatching. Flip it over there is two different sides to this one. So we went over the same spot we just raked, and I am showing you how much more you can get out with this rake. We went over the area twice with this one versus the other one it pulls out a lot more a lot faster. So I would recommend this one if you have a couple of bucks extra to spend on a rake. Make your time go faster, and that is how you de-thatch your lawn.


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