How to Replace a Sprinkler Head

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To replace a sprinkler head, dig out around the sprinkler, pull it up gently by hand, remove the damaged sprinkler head, and replace it with a new one. Fix a busted sprinkler head with advice from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawn maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hello Dan LeSieur here with DK LeSieur Incorporated. Today we have been asked to change a sprinkler head so as you can see in the yard here I've located all the sprinklers and with these little flags and this is a sprinkler head that's bad. So we're going to have to dig out around it. As you can see I'm going to move my flag a little bit out of the way. So as you can see we have the sprinkler head exposed. What you want to do, take your fingers. You should be able to pull it up with your fingers nice and easy, pull it up, hold it with your finger and just spin and it should just come right off just like that. Take the filter out, you don't need either one of those, that's good that dropped like that because I'm going to show you how to get that out of there. We're putting a brand new head a brand new filter on. To get that out you are like oh my word, how am I going to get that? Stick your head gently, screw it on, not tight and same thing, pull it back up. You might have to do it a couple times because you don't want to put too many threads on there and have the chance of stripping it. Grab it with your fingers again, take it off, put your new filter on and push it down with your thumb, take your head, screw it on and there you go and this is the same head as we pulled off different colors but it's going to spray the same so we have just replaced a sprinkler head. It takes about two minutes. It takes longer to get all the stuff together than it actually does to do. So there you go a new sprinkler head and it will spray just great.


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