How to Create a Basic Website in Dreamweaver

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Dreamweaver is a great program to build a basic website using HTML code. Learn how to use Dreamweaver with help from a lead developer in this free video on web design.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Warren Cardinal with Lucid Crew in Austin, Texas. I'm going to show you how to build a website template in Dreamweaver. This is a template that I bought from Theme Forest that we're going to turn into a Dreamweaver template so that we can reuse some of the pages over and over again and still keep the design. So for this tutorial we're going to use a product's page which looks like this. So if we open up the product's page in Dreamweaver, you can kind of see the Dreamweaver is not great at rendering the actual design of the site but we're going to focus more on the code. So say we want to make this part of the text here an editable region on our template. So the first thing we do is highlight the text that we want to make editable and we do insert template objects, editable region and it's telling us that it's going to automatically turn the document into a template. We're going to call this content1 and save it and you can see that it adds a little tag that says that it's now an editable region of the template. The next thing we're going to do is make the actual product name an editable region. We want to leave out the h2 and the; actually we're going to include the href; so we're going to leave out the h2 part because we want that to always be the same. Now we're going to, again, go to insert template objects editable region and we're going to call those content1 heading and save it. So now you can see in this graphic area we have content1 heading and content1; we're going to do the same thing for product 2 and for product 2 description. And there we go. So now we're going to save this as a template and it's going to be called products. We're going to tell that no, don't update the links. I'm going to close this. So now if we do a new page from template products, we'll see our templates without the styles because it's in a sub-folder now. But as soon as we save it into the folder that it's suppose to be in, you'll see those graphics reappear and now you can just switch out the content regions and save it. So now we can, previous page and we see our new page, products 2 based on the same as products 1 page. So that's how you create a web template with Dreamweaver. To download all of the links and resources I use in this tutorial, please visit This is Warren Cardinal with Lucid Crew.


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