Recipe for a Jalapeno Margarita

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A jalapeno margarita can be made with tequila, Cointreau, a sour mix and a seedless jalapeno. Find out why jalapeno seeds shouldn't be included in this drink with help from a professional bartender and bartending instructor in this free video on a jalapeno margarita recipe.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Lauden Vergara, and I am with ABC Bartending Schools here in Miami, Florida. Well what is a margarita? It is typically a Mexican drink with tequila, triple sec, which is an orange flavored liqueur, and sour mix, which is a concentrated lemon lime flavor that gives it a nice froth over the top. We are going to start out with a nice scoop of ice in your tin. For this drink we are going to use anejo tequila, which gives it a little more bite. And so the jalapeno margaritas obviously is going to be a little spicy you want a nice flavored tequila so you don't lose the flavor in the spice. You want to go about four seconds worth in there, then you are going to use your Cointreau, which is an orange flavored liqueur. Similar to the triple sec just a lot higher in alcohol content, and it gives it a much better flavor. So go ahead and give me about two seconds in there. Then you are going to use your so popular sour mix, which is your lemon lime concentrated to give it that nice froth over the top. Well it is a jalapeno margarita so we are going to go ahead, and take a jalapeno, and slice it up. Make sure you take the seeds out of there, because the seeds will kill you. It is way too spicey so you don't want to add the seeds to the drink itself. So go ahead and take the seeds out. Don't rub your eyes when you are done doing this. Just cut a couple of slices of the jalapeno in there, throw it into your drink mix, give it a good shake, go ahead and release that, get your nice glass, you want to maybe rim it in salt. Come over and get your froster over here, because you are going to need something to back up that margarita. Uh oh, give it a nice salt rim, and then you are going to pour in your drink. See the piece of jalape?o falling in there. Well the way you are going to garnish this is go ahead and take the other piece of your jalape?o, removing the seeds of course, and go ahead, and just throw it in there. And that is your jalape?o margarita. This is Lauden, thank you for watching.


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