How to Make a Coin Style Margarita

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A coin style margarita is made with Cointreau, tequila, sour mix, natural lime juice and a lime garnish. Create a margarita with a citrus taste with help from a professional bartender and bartending instructor in this free video on a coin style margarita recipe.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lauden Vergara and I'm with ABC Bartending School here in Miami, Florida. In this clip we're going to show you how to make a Coin Style Margarita. Okay. Now what is a Margarita? It's typically a Mexican drink; very known for Cinco De Mayo. Here in Miami, they love drinking this on Cinco De Mayo. Now a Coin Style Margarita is going to be made with a little upgrade; okay. We're going to start off with some ice; in this one we're going to use Cointreau; okay and tequila. I'll do about four seconds worth of tequila and I'm going to do about two of Cointreau; one, two. We're going to continue there; right; then you're going to add some sour mix, sour mix. This stuff is like real tart lemon lime; real strong with a nice frost; okay. You add some natural lime juice. Squeeze it in there; okay. Get enough lime juice in there 'cause the, the real lime juice is what's going to make your Margarita tastes great. Now we're going to go ahead and give that a really good shake. Now Margaritas usually take salt; it's optional; okay. We're going to have a rimmer. If you don't have one of these you can simply take a paper napkin, put some salt in it and rim your glass with salt; okay. How are you're going to do that is go ahead; now get on this side and you give it a good rimming; a nice salt layer on there and just pour in slowly. You're going to want to have a nice lemon garnish; lime garnish on there and there is your Coin Style Margarita. Now this is a very nice tasting Margarita. It's very citrusy; it's very refreshing; pool side, out of the beach; loving life; wonderful drink to have. My name is Lauden, thank you for watching.


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