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The basics of surfing can be learned simply on the beach by practicing the proper paddling position, the pop up onto the board and the stance to assume while riding a wave. Get a feel for how to maneuver a board before taking it out in the water with help from an experienced surfing instructor in this free video on water sports.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how's it going? My name is Joe Vagnerini of Aussie Island Surf Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'd like, I'm going to go over surfing basics with you today. Basically when you learn how to surf, before you go out in the ocean, you're going to want to learn to get a basic idea on how to stand up on the beach before, prior to going out and all the safety precautions along with it. Surfing is a great sport, a great physical activity; great for body strength and, and just having a good time lagging at the beach. Basically when you want to learn how to stand up is you want to have, get, you know, the middle of your board in pound position. You don't want to go too far back on the board 'cause the nose is going be flailing up and down and you're going to not be able to get any speed getting in the waves. So you want to be centered in the board with your face about, about your head about maybe an inch from the front and you're going to want to be like a island so when you're getting ready to stand out and push down at about a little above your waist and you just push up and as you just push up, you're just basically doing a push up on your board. And while you're doing this, the front leg whichever way you stand out will go in front and your back leg will go onto the back of the board and you'll pretty much pop just like this and you ride out the wave and you always want to stay centered into the board as you're riding so you don't flail up and down. Basically where you have your front foot and back foot is always preference. Some people like to have their back foot up here and their front foot here, whichever way your balance comes naturally. When you know it, to find out which stance you are as you're standing up; you're going to want to pretty much just do the same exact thing as I did and some people stand out this way which I am and that's regular and some people stand out this way which is goofy. It's going to be a natural thing; it's nothing you can really choose and basically before, as you get the idea standing up on your surfboard, you're going to have a leash as attach to the back of your board. You strap it around your ankle whichever foot is in the back. So if you're regular and your stance is like this; the leash goes around your right ankle. If you're goofy it's off to the opposite. You put this around there, it's a Velcro strap and you're always going to want the, the front of the cord connected to the back of your board at about a front so it doesn't go; if it's to the side, it can get tangled up while you're standing up and everything like that. So it's best to just keep it facing out. So as you get the hang up, standing up and all that and have the leash on your right spot, you basically want to; the only way you can get any better is you got to go out in the ocean and give it a try. It takes a lot of practice; but that's surfing basics.


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