How to Identify Outdoor Plants

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Outdoor plants can be broken into basic large families, such as trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, edibles and grasses. Understand the basic rules of identifying plants with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on outdoor plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to identify outdoor plants. Well, there's millions of types of plants in the world. It's impossible to identify every plant in a minute. But there's basic families of plants and different types of plants and you should have a combination of in your garden. We'll just go over those real quickly. Now, first of all, every garden in every home should have trees. If you live in a really small lot, you should have smaller trees. If you live in a bigger lot you can have larger trees. But always plant a tree for the future knowing how big it's going to get in forty years from now so you never want to plant a big tree on a small lot. And once you've got some trees and you've identified you've got some beautiful trees, you want to have some shrubs where there's azaleas or daphnes 'cos daphne has a beautiful fragrance and that is also going to be the cornerstone of your garden. Now, once you've got some different types of bushes, you want ornamental grasses. I love this Mexican feather grass, it's a beautiful plant. And grasses come in all shapes and sizes. Now, once you've got your tress, your bushes and your grasses and you want to heap some perennials. I love cannas. They come back every year in mild climates, in colder climates you gotta dig 'em up. Things like different types of dianthus which is really a pre-type of carnation. Now, I've got a rhubarb right next to that. You can have foliage and you can have a vegetable right next to flowers. There's no rules, it's your garden. And so there's lots of different plants that you can have in your garden. I have this Japanese blood grass, it's also a beautiful addition. I've got more cannas and then you always remember artwork, too, and different types of statues are really beautiful to have in your garden. So there's millions of types of flowers and plants that you can have in your garden and if you have a nice water feature, you can put canna lilies over the summer right into the water feature, Japanese irises, Siberian irises. But you've got to realize some plants don't do well in water, some don't. And there's a difference between sun and shade. I've got sun plants over here but over here I've got my shade plants. I've got hostess, hydrangeas, ferns, I've got hellaboris, I've got impatience, I've got ivy, begonias, calla lilies, all types of flowers in my shade garden. So once you've identified where flowers can grow you will find that you can have a gorgeous garden.


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