How to Keep Outdoor Plants Watered While on Vacation

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To make sure that plants stay watered while on vacation, set up a timed sprinkler system, add a thick layer of topsoil to all of the beds, or simply hire a neighbor to come over every couple of days. Make sure plants maintain a regular watering schedule with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on outdoor plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to keep outside plants watered while you are on vacation. So we all have our beautiful gardens, and then we plan a nice trip, a summer vacation, and we are going to be gone for a week, and we come back and our plants are just fried. So how do we keep them watered while we are gone. Well that is a question we all want to have answered. So here is some tips. So now if you have a sprinkler system or you have any type of an above the ground you can create your own sprinkler system. There's timers that you can buy that will actually turn on and turn off your water at a certain time. So if you can invest in that that is probably your best bet. By adding some soil, some bark dust, and watering that really well before you leave, and get some top soil on top, and make sure that it is thicker then you will find that your plants will hold the water a little bit longer as well. You can also set up a watering system if you have a rain gutter, and it can go right into your flower bed. If it rains while you are gone that is a good bet. But outside of that you can always hire a neighbor to water while you are gone or try to pick lots of plants that are drought resistant if you travel a lot. Because there's lots of crocosmia, agapanthus, lily of the nile, chrysanthemums, all types of calla lilies that are very drought resistant that will do really well when you are out of town for a little period of time that don't need a lot of water at all.


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