Natural Ways to Eliminate Beetles From Outdoor Plants

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A few natural ways to get ride of pesky beetles in an outdoor garden include hosing down the beetle-infested plants, spraying the bugs with a mixture of water and oil, and sprinkling strong-smelling spices around the perimeter of the flowerbed. Eliminate only the harmful bugs from a plant bed with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on natural pest control.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about natural ways to remove beetles from plants or to get beetles out of your garden. Now beetles are a natural occurrence in your garden and bugs are not always a bad thing so I always say do not use any chemicals if you have a choice because they're going to kill everything and you don't want to kill any of the other bugs that the birds might eat and it might poison everybody but there's a lot of natural alternatives that you can use to chemicals. Any type of oil is really good at killing bugs and first of all if you see beetles or aphids or anything on your flowers or your plants hose it down with water just keep hosing it down. If you still see beetles and you know where they're at make a mix of half water, half oil. It can be vegetable oil, olive oil, pear oil, any type of oil and turn around and spray the bugs or the beetles with that oil and what happens is that the oil will cover them and they will actually suffocate and so it will kill the bugs but it won't kill everything around it and another way if you have got a lot of bugs in your beds too, natural alternatives sometimes thyme or cinnamon, red hot chili pepper, any kind of curry or red Tabasco pepper or anything that is really spicy if you sprinkle that around your beds a lot of times it will stop not only raccoons, cats, and dogs but bugs from getting right into your flower beds. You can also use types of coffee grounds. If you drink coffee when your coffee is finished if you put coffee grounds around sometimes that will stop the beetles as well so you just have to try a few different things. A lot of people say that rubbing alcohol works really well at killing beetles and roaches so just spray some rubbing alcohol on them if you see them and it will kill them and you've got to realize where are they hiding so if you've got a lot of paper boxes, turn them into, put everything into plastic so it is sealed tight because if there is nowhere to hide you won't have the problem with the beetles and you want to make sure that you always never use chemicals and try to use oil first before anything else.


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