How to Plant Bamboo as a Border

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Bamboo looks better as groups, so it's important to plant bamboo for a border in a zigzag pattern, as opposed to a row. Discover how clumping bamboo is great for a border with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on planting bamboo as a border.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about how to plant bamboo as a border. Now bamboo is a wonderful border plant. It makes a big wall but there is two varieties of bamboos that you can purchase. There is the running variety that will really multiply and take over and then there is the clumping varieties that stay more compact and that are much better because you can put them right in the ground and they will not be a nuisance for years to come. So now you have got to remember when you are buying them which varieties that you purchase and that will make a big difference and here I'll show you. So running bamboos take over, they'll really multiply so you don't want to put those right into the ground because they'll get into the neighbor's lot and they'll become a problem eventually. So when you're planting your border too put them in a zig zag pattern, not a row because you don't want them just to look like they're shoulders. They look better in groups like they're going to a party. Now the clumping bamboo I love for a border because it really stays compact. The roots don't take over and they get really tall so they will make a nice edge and block out whatever you don't want to see whether it is noise or the street and they don't really invade anybody's space and you can keep them contained and you can put them in the ground or you can put them in a container. So when you're planting them make sure that you plant them so that the roots are covered but the greenery is exposed and you can always chop them down to the ground and turn around and plant that root too and once they are planted make sure they stay moist but they drain. They don't want to sit right in water. So you want to make sure the containers have holes in them or you want to make sure when you water them that you actually let them dry out in between. Now bamboo makes a great border but again be careful if you are using the running varieties don't put them in the ground, keep them in containers whereas the clumping varieties will stay compact and they'll make a great border with anybody.


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