How to Grow a Twisted Bamboo Plant

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A twisted bamboo plant doesn't like direct sunlight, preferring instead to be exposed to water and filtered shade. Find out how twisted bamboo will become damaged when exposed to temperatures under 40 degrees with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing twisted bamboo plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow a Twisted Bamboo plant. Now a Twisted Bamboo plant isn't even a bamboo. It's actually called a Lucky Bamboo or a Dracaena. It's more of a house plant that grows in the jungles of South America. Now it's easy to grow as long as you realize it's not a bamboo. You don't grow it like you would ornamental grass. You can put it right in water and it will grow roots and it doesn't like direct sun and it actually likes filtered shade or a little bit of a non-direct sunny window. And here's a few tips. Now they call it Twisted Bamboo because it can be worked into a twist and you can just keep training it as they grow; just keep bending it a little bit at a time. You can use wires and you can bend it yourself or you can buy them already bended. Now I wanted to make a point too, I thought I killed this Lucky Bamboo; it had been sitting in water neglected and you'll see even though the actual stem had died, I've got new shoots coming out all over on the bottom. So a lot of times; even if you think you've killed it, just put it some dirt with it or leave it in a, a cup of water or a bucket of water and a lot of times it'll grow roots and it'll come right back. So if it doesn't look good, my rule of thumb is trim it down. A lot of times it'll grow new growth. Now make sure that your Lucky Bamboo or your Twisted Bamboo does not go below even forty degrees because it'll get damage. They like to stay on the warm side; even fifty, sixty, seventy degrees. So only keep it outside if it's warm; outside in the summertime. In the winter time make sure that it's inside at all times. Never give it direct sun; keep it moist at all times. A lot of times you're going to add gravel to it as well or put it on a tray with some water; it likes humidity. So if your house is really dry, put it on a tray of gravel too so it's got some moisture. And that way you can enjoy your Twisted Bamboo for many years to come.


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