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Programming a Dish remote to a TV involves holding down the TV mode button, pushing the channel-up button and then pressing the pound button. Link the satellite remote control to the television with helpful information from a certified satellite installer in this free video on satellite TV.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Bill Barney. I'm with Community Dish in Pahrump, Nevada. I'm an SBCA licensed installer. That's Satellite Broadcast Communications Association and I'd like to help you with your satellite installation. To program the Dish Network remote to your television set, I want to make sure that you've got your TV on in order for this to happen. All you have to do is press and hold the TV mode button until the other white mode buttons turn red. Once the SAT, the VCR and the AUX mode buttons have turned red, release the TV mode button and you will notice that it's flashing. Push the big red power button on the remote once. That stops the light from flashing. Next thing you want to do is press the channel up button. That is the button located right above the round select button on the remote, repeatedly. Release, press and release,press and release until the TV shuts off. Once the TV shuts off, press the pound button located in the bottom right hand corner of the remote once. You'll see the mode button flash three times. Press the big red power button to see if the TV turns back on. Once the TV's on check to set the volume control button to make sure that your remote is also going to work the volume of the TV. If you see the volume bar move up and down, while pressing the volume control button on the remote, that's the proper code for your television set. If the TV does not turn on, simply press and hold this TV mode button again, until all the mode buttons turn red, press the power button once. Then press not the channel up button, but the channel down button to back down through the codes. Go really slow because your TV will turn off in just a few short clicks. Once the TV turns off, stop immediately, press the pound sign to lock the code in, the bottom left hand corner of the remote. And then the big red power button to turn the TV on. And again, don't forget to check the volume button to make sure your code is also controlling the volume on the TV. And that completes setting up your remote to control your TV.


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