How to Build a LNB Bracket for Satellite Dish

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An LNB bracket on a satellite dish, known as a low-noise block bracket, connects to the Y-bracket on the mast of the polar plate. Find out how to install the right brackets on a dish with help from a certified satellite installer in this free video on satellite TV.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Bill Barney, I am with Community Dish in Pahrump, Nevada. I am a SBCA licensed installer. That is Satellite Broadcast Communications Association, and I would like to help you with your satellite installation. The polar plate attaches to the mast. This is the mast. The mast attaches to the house. So the polar plate, the part that doesn't look like a plate at all is going to slip down onto this mast. The other end of this polar plate attaches to what is called a Y bracket. The dish 1000 is what the Y bracket looks like. It is a little plastic part, and it slips onto the end of the polar plate. At the end of the Y bracket is the final piece called the LMBF. This is the Y bracket. It doesn't look much like a Y anymore, but it use to look just like a Y, and they still call it a Y bracket. These are the two nuts, and two bolts that are going to attach this Y bracket to the polar plate that we just assembled on the dish. Let me show you how to do that. The Y bracket has an unusual shape to it, it's sloping on one side. We want to make this sloped side is up. And there are two holes that hold that Y bracket in place on the polar plate, and keep it from sliding up and down. We are going to take our fine threaded bolt, and we are going to put it through the bolt holes, and the Y bracket. It will be tightened down. We are going to take the screwdriver, a Phillips tip screwdriver from the top of the screw, and tighten the nuts down onto the Y bracket. Next step we need to make a three and a half foot jumper cable to put through the Y bracket, and through the polar plate that will connect to our LMBF. This LMBF has one in port, and it has three power ports that are numbered one, two, and three. We are going to attach this wire to the number one port on the the LMBF, and we have tightened it down snug just finger tight that is all we need. Now the LMBF rest on the Y bracket like that. Then we are going to get some unusual screws. These are very, very coarse threaded screws, they are a little over an inch in length, and we are going to put the screws there is two of them in the holes, get better camera angle, in the back side of the LMBF. And you will probably have to turn, and push to get them in. But once you get them started you take your screwdriver, and run them in the rest of the way.


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