Assembling a Satellite Dish

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A satellite dish is assembled by loosening up a few bolts at a time to piece together the polar plate, the brackets and the reflector plate. Put together a satellite dish with help from a certified satellite installer in this free video on satellite TV.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Bill Barney, I'm with Community Dish in Parhump, Nevada, I'm a SBCA licensed installer. That is Satellite Broadcast Communications Association, and I would like to help you with your satellite installation. We are going to the assemble a satellite dish. We are going to start with the polar plate. The polar plate we need to loosen a few bolts. The first two bolts that I am going to be loosening are called the elevation bolts. There is one on each side, make sure those are loose. And I am going to move that elevation up. Now we are not going to be critical on where to set this at this time, because we will get that information off of the dish network point dish screen. We just need to get it moved up enough so that these clamp bolts are not buried in the elevation bracketry so that we can tighten those. The other thing we need to do is make sure these clamp bolts are fairly loose. We don't want them to fall off, but we want them at least as far open as they will go without falling off so that we can slip it over the top of the mast. And now the next thing we want to do is this is a skew on this. We don't want it to be skewing all over the place. We will have to adjust the skew on this particular dish, but we are just going to snug those down so that they are not slipping all over the place. The first two pieces I attach together after I have the polar plate loosened is I attach the dish, the reflector plate, also called the dish to the polar plate. And in our hardware bag you see some special bolts, and they are grey on one side, the same color as the dish. These are the dish plate bolts. The reflector plate bolts that we need to use to attach it to the polar plate, and theres four of those. On the other side of those bolts is a little nut, and it has got a flat area on one side. It is kind of like a built in arc washer, and it keeps these nuts from loosening from the bolt. Get that finger tight, and then repeat it put the other bolt on. Again using another one of those bolts with the grey top we are going to insert it from the front side through to the back, put it on through the reflector plate, through the polar plate, and then we are going to put the nuts that look like a hat on the back side. Now that we have got all four bolts that hold the polar plate to the reflector plate we are going to tighten them up. I use a seven sixteenths ratchet wrench, but any seven sixteenth will work just fine. And that completes our Turbo HD 1000.2 dish assembly.


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