How to Garden in Pots

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Clay pots make the best containers for gardening, because they are a natural material, they breathe, and they allow the soil to drain easily. Create a completely contained garden with gardening help from an urban horticulturist in this free video on plant seeds.

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Hi! I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for You want to raise plants in pots, gardening pots is easy. We've been doing it for, well, thousands of years. There's all kinds of different pots that you can use and one of my favorites is that of clay pots 'cos they are natural, they tend to breathe and you can just seem to have better results sometimes in some of the clay pots than some of the plastic. They're a little bit heavier so they tend not to get blown over and they also tend to breathe a little bit more which means some moisture may wick out through the container but it also tends to be maybe a bit more breathable which means you've got maybe a little bit more oxygen and carbon dioxide being transferred throughout the plant. One of the ideas with the container is that you want to add a good soil. Remember, your soil is sort of like the base of a building. If you got a good sterile soil you're going to have better results with your planting. Make sure it's a peat perlite, maybe some add some manure to it. You really want to improve that soil and get away from the native backyard dirt. That's one of the big keys in being a good gardener and being the one that's not so successful. Use good ingredients and you'll have better results. If you do recycle this pots, make sure you clean them with about a 10% solution of household bleach or you may wind up carrying those pathogens unto your next replanting. Growing containers is easy to start seeds or cuttings or just to repot plants into larger size containers. For using containers, I'm Mr. Green Thumb.


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