How to Plant Daylily Seeds

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Daylily seeds should be dried out in a brown paper bag before being planted in high-quality potting soil to germinate. Propagate a daylily plant from spent flowers with gardening help from an urban horticulturist in this free video on plant seeds.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb", raising Daylilies. Now many times you think of Daylilies as sort of a bulbing plant and they are but they do have that beautiful flower and from that flower you can collect seeds. If you're going to try to take those seeds I'd probably take them and put them into a brown paper bag, let the seeds all kind of flake out into the bag, let them dry a little bit then maybe set them out on some dry paper toweling. Take those little seeds and plant them about a quarter of an inch deep in a good potting soil and plant them where they are going to get about five or six hours of bright sun a day. Remember they need that energy to help photosynthesize in those little cotyledons to build energy. If you keep those seeds moist and you have them in a real nice sterile soil, they're easy to raise. When you do get seeds that have been out raised in the open probably you are going to get some genetic diversity. In other words you may get a flower that is a little bit different than what you had before and this is some of the beauty in raising your own seeds because you may come up with a variety that's never been seen before so that's kind of a neat thing of raising some of your own seeds. Inversely you may find a flower that is not as pretty as what you had and that one may go to the coal pile. Raising seeds and raising the daylily is easy to do. I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb".


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