How to Hold a Softball Bat

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When holding a softball bat, make sure to grip it with the fingers, and avoid pushing the bat back into the palms. Learn about how the knuckles should be lined up when holding a softball bat with help from a head softball coach and athletic director in this free video on holding softball bats.

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Video Transcript

Hello everybody my name is Mark Schusterman. I'm the head softball coach and athletic director at The Gulliver Schools in Miami, Florida. In this clip we're going to talk about how to grip and hold a softball bat. Now many of you will you know look at a bat and it is important that when we grip it and they're going to show you the grip first. Right now lay the bat out, o'kay see the way their hands are, they're not holding it in their palms, they are looking to grab it up in their fingers. It is going to be loose and then they're going to grip the bat. Now I want to show you a little exercise, we'll show you what I mean. If you take your fist, make a fist, o'kay and I go like this my fist has a certain amount of effectiveness. I'm looking for quickness in bat speed and I want my hands to be quick. I open it up and I slap now. See how much quicker my hands are, see how much more energy they have. Watch again as they grip the bat, o'kay now they bring it together and they bring it up. You can see their knuckles, they're not lined up with their knuckles but they're knuckles are off center more likely to get calluses on your fingers and by that it's a loose grip that you want, not a vice grip you'll get a good comfortable swing. Now we're going to turn and we're going to get into our batting stance. As you can see they're in a nice athletic stance, bats raised up a little bit from their shoulders, now they're going to take a short step, they're going to trigger the bat and they're going to swing. Big key here is that you want the bat inside the ball. You want to stay close to your body, make contact. Let's go to the point of contact. O'kay, stance, step, now swing. See there we are at point of contact. See where their elbows are, see how they are close to their body. Now they're going to follow through and finish up. This has been Mark Schusterman. Thank you for watching.


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