How to Take Care of My Soccer Cleats

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Soccer cleats are the most important piece of equipment for a soccer player, and taking care of cleats means untying and tying the laces every time that they are put on. Find out how to absorb moisture on soccer cleats with help from a professional soccer coach in this free video on soccer cleats.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Stewart. I'm the director of coaching for Miami Community Soccer. In this segment we're going to talk about how to take care of your soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are the most important thing for a soccer player because without soccer cleats, it's like a baseball player without a bat, also you know, the ball. But as you see, we've talked about before about the different types of cleats. Now we're going to talk about the care of the cleats. It's very important for kids to take care of their soccer cleats. First of all when we're about to put your soccer cleats on, you should always undo the laces all the way up as you can see Celeste is doing here. She's opening wide enough, open the laces so that when she puts her foot in she has a full way of getting her feet right through. And that way she can pull them all the way up, pull them really tight so the shoes fit nice and snug and the laces are properly tied. As you see with Sara over here, her laces are completely tied and also she has a reinforcement strap from Adidas that are made with F fifties and the Predicator where this goes over the tongue and then it closes. We look at Ashley's shoes right here and we talk about the difference in how it's laced, the difference style in the shoes. Now we have to make sure that when she puts her shoe on she doesn't just stick her foot into it. Again, open up the laces. Most young kids have a tendency of just pulling their shoe off when they're done playing. This is bad for the shoe because you leave it with the laces and you come back to it, it's tied to formulating that way. Especially when it rains, it's very important that kids take care of their cleats. Part of taking care of your cleats when it rains is that you should take it off all the way, undo it properly as you're going to ask Ashley to do, undo the shoe properly. Once you take them off then you stuff them with what's called newspaper. You stuff old newspaper into your shoe and that way it will help to absorb the moisture from the shoe. This doesn't matter if you have leather, synthetic leather, kangaroo leather, it doesn't matter. It helps to take the moisture out of the shoes and helps the shoes to come back quickly to life. The other thing you can use is a natural towel at home. You take the towel and that way you use it to wipe the shoe, clean the shoe out and also once you stuff the newspaper in you can also stuff a towel or something in there. Also make sure you clean out any form of dirt or anything out of the cleat and put it down to dry in a nice moist area. It's been Michael Stewart, thank you very much.


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