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Soccer gear involves anything from soccer cleats and shin guards to white long sleeve shirts, which can help keep the body cool in the hot sun. Find out how soccer gear differs for men and women with help from a professional soccer coach in this free video on soccer gear.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Micheal Stewart, I'm the director of coaching for Miami Premier Soccer. In this segment we're going to show you how to use soccer gear, how to properly wear soccer gear and how to have comfortable soccer gear. And we live in South Florida, it's very hot, it's very important that we have equipment that keeps us. You can see me wearing long sleeve, white shirt out in the heat heat, today. Because that keeps me, keeps the sun off my body and keeps my skin nice and cool. As we go around, we take a look, we've gone over how to use proper glove equipment, we have our shin guards and we also have cleats. Soccer cleats are all measured with cleats under the bottom, these will usually help you with your traction for cutting, turning, stop and go, moving fast. As we take a ray of look around again, we see the different stars, different versions from the Old School Kopers to the new F50 Predators. We look, we talk about shorts, proper equipment in terms of shorts. As girls practice, you don't want your shorts too short, and you don't want them too long like basketball shorts. We have our t-shirts, always good that young ladies should wear appropriate equipment. Assume also the young men also, there's no tank top and nothing like that. For young ladies and women, different anatomy, how your body structure, we have, they have sports that are underneath, that's in addition to your bra that you everyday wear. And we have also sliders, those things will help you when you slide and slip on the ground, not getting cut up and being pulled around and having all these bumps and scars. We talked about our shin guards and our different ties, and very important is something called a hair tie. Specially girls who have very long hair, these clips, as you see Sara here, are not allowed in games. These are metal clips, metal clips, those aren't allowed in games. But these are allowed because they pose no danger to the player or the opponents. And referee allows these, they're not supposed to be worn on the hand or worn in the hair like this to hold it out of your face. Another method of doing this is by using these kinds of braids, that they go over the head and then pull up to hold the hair. This has been Michael Stewart, thank you very much.


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