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In soccer, a hat trick is when one player scores three goals in a single game, which is a very difficult task. Discover how scoring hat tricks means knowing how to score in a number of different ways with help from a professional soccer coach in this free video on a hat trick in soccer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Stewart. I'm the director of coaching for Miami Premier Soccer. In this clip, we're going to show you some cool hat tricks. Now, a hat trick is nothing to do with a hat on your head. In soccer or football which is widely called around the world, a hat trick is one player individually scoring three goals in one game. Those usually very hard to do. However, more and more with the increasing measures of soccer goalkeeper is being so good it's been very hard for strikers. On the reverse side, we do have a lot of strikers like your Cristiano Ronaldo then you have your Mia Hamm from the women's soccer group that have scored a lot of hat tricks in your time. At this point, we're going to show you with a few girls of different ways of scoring hat tricks. Here we go. Lets start with Ceira as she shows us how to score her goals. First ball goes across and she buries into the alley. Ball bouncing, she gets over and hit it first time. Goalkeeper again as we said have gotten better. Here's another ball coming to Ceira. She chests it and place it into there and that will be two and here comes our goal from Ceira with her using her head which will complete our hat tricks and next will stand up with Celes who is going to show us a couple of tricks as she tries to score different types of goals. Balls up in the air. Traps the ball with her chest and fire into the goal and Celes comes around first time shot and off the chest. Turn and finish. Actually, Martinez will complete our hat tricks. Hits the ball. Place it in the goal first time. Ball comes in the air. Ashley moves to it. Controls. Place it into the goal and this one Ashley will take on the goal keeper and we call it skinning the goalkeeper and plays it away and this has been Michael Stewart thank you very much.


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